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Great marketing is an investment and not a cost and, as a full-service communications consultancy, Fred uses our team’s experience alongside every marketing tool available to us to make sure all of your spend is a wise investment. Fred delivers a large range of services but, fundamentally, we will use our insight, experience and expertise to add value to what you do, drive sales, create brand awareness, engage with your customers and your team, and demonstrate tangible results.

Tell us what you want to achieve in your business, and we’ll use our knowledge, experience, creativity and fresh ideas to make that happen.  Fred has a very real commercial focus and nothing we do is off the shelf, so everything we do for you will be built based on your specific requirements and will add value to your business. Fred understands the business of marketing, so you can always trust us to deliver.

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Think first, do later

Strategy development should be a great challenge. It is about setting yourself apart from your competition not just by being better at what you do, but by being different in how you do it. We’ll help you define what makes you different, clarify your objectives, prioritise activity and develop a relevant, innovative, creative marketing strategy that above all delivers tangible results. Our work will add value to value to your whole organisation. Talk to us to see how we can help you.

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Better by design

Great brands add value when they combine commerciality with creativity in a way that engages teams, clients and customers. Your brand should be about your heart as well as your head, the how as well as the what, and your people as well as your product. Work with us and we’ll create a brand strategy, bespoke to you, that will positively impact your bottom line and every decision you make.

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PR & Crisis Handling

Managing what people say about you when you’re not in the room 

Gone are the days where PR success was just measured in column inches. Great PR must now form a key part of your business strategy to deliver real results online, offline, internally, externally… everywhere!

Whether it’s media handling, crisis planning, compelling content creation, reputation management or strategic advice, our team is here to build a PR strategy that is tailored to you and your commercial objectives. 

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Internal Comms

Knowing what your team really think and feel

Effective internal communication is crucial for the success of any business. It helps to create a collaborative team environment, foster a positive company culture, and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals. Good communication practices can also help to identify and address any issues or potential challenges before they become serious problems.


By keeping everyone informed and aligned, businesses can increase productivity, reduce inefficiencies, and ultimately create a stronger, more successful organisation. Whether it's through focus groups, a new team values framework or making the most of your branded environment, Fred has the experience and expertise to deliver an integrated strategy that strengthens and invigorates your workforce.

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Better by design

Great design solves problems and builds brands. Our approach to design, whatever the end format, is to bring your brand to life across all of your communications and use creativity to engage people. 

Whether we are designing branded environments, corporate brochures, internal staff newsletters, sales materials or a new visual identity for your entire business, Fred always designs with a purpose, and that purpose is distinctly yours.

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Because even now offline is online 

This is as much about people as it is about technology. Fred understands online behaviours, trends, shifts in consumer habits and what makes people react to online content. Whether it’s your website, your social media, PPC campaigns or blogger engagement, Fred will bring your product and services to life online in the ways most relevant to your target audience.

Get in touch now and find out more about how we can help you.
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