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What is the
Fred DNA programme?  

How does Fred DNA Work?

Every business, however unique, requires great communications to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether you are looking for commercial growth or entering new markets and need to reach new customers, or you have organisational challenges and need to manage change by improving your internal communications and culture, our team of specialists is here to help you. With trusted advice and insight based on years of experience working hands-on with businesses of every size, we help businesses evolve and thrive. 


Our team works throughout the UK and beyond, in a wide range of sectors to deliver a bespoke business consultancy service that is built on creative thinking that solves problems, adds real tangible value and drives business growth. This involves every aspect of business communications from brand creation and reaching new markets, to profile raising and reinvigorating team behaviours. 

Our three-step, DNA programme is a framework around which we build a package of tailored support depending on your particular needs and objectives. 


Put simply, it our core approach to invigorating your communications, transforming business behaviours and driving growth from the inside out. We deliver this programme in  three key stages:  


Discover -

Immersion, data gathering and understanding 

Navigate -

Insight, strategy and planning  

Activate  -

Roll out, delivery and evaluation 


Each phase is delivered by your personal Fred team, handpicked to best support your business and one which is always led from outset to completion by at least one Director of the agency. Fred believes that great communications is an investment, not a cost, so, at each stage, we will outline what you can expect, how it will add value and the timeframes for delivery.  

The activities delivered at each stage will vary, dependent on the project and your bespoke business needs, but below are some examples to illustrate the approach:  


  • Deep dive business diagnosis session/hosted workshop 

  • Full asset/branding review 

  • Team immersion to understand the challenges  

  • Detailed research  - market context, target customers 

  • Bespoke staff survey 

  • Clear stakeholder mapping 

  • Competitor analysis 

  • Data/information collation and review 

  • Summary report  


  • Objective setting  

  • KPIs 

  • Strategy creation  

  • Delivery timeline  

  • Key messaging hierarchy  

  • Tone of voice guidance  

  • Crisis planning  

  • Target media lists  

  • Digital marketing recommendations  

  • Design/branding recommendations  


  • Branding, design and creative services  

  • PR plan – on and offline 

  • Innovative campaign creation  

  • Campaign delivery plan 

  • Stakeholder engagement programme 

  • Internal communications programme 

  • Social media management plan 

  • Digital advertising recommendations 

  • Content creation plan 

  • Website refresh recommendations 

How can we
help you?

Fundamentally, Fred sells knowledge, insights, time, specialist expertise and the full spectrum of communications services so you can tailor what you buy to whatever your business needs.  Alongside our business consultants/brand marketing strategists, if you don’t already have it in house, we can also offer full-service agency support as we have a design studio, marketing team and PR and digital experts ready to deliver as much or as little as you require.  


So, whether you need all three DNA stages, including full delivery and roll-out of your new strategy, or simply want to work with us to provide a trusted sounding board to set your in-house team in the right direction, we will tailor what we do and how we do it to suit you.

Talk to us now about what you want to achieve or the challenges you want to overcome (or both!) and we’ll help you do that and more.  
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